About Us

The Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of anglers and conservationists.
The HFFA is an affiliate of the Federation of Fly Fishers, FFF, an international fly fishing organization
devoted to the promotion of all types of fly fishing and the protection of fly fishing water and their
inhabitants. Established in 1975, our mission is four-fold:

  • Promote awareness of and participation in fly fishing.
  • Educate others in the joys and arts of fly fishing.
  • Work to preserve and conserve those natural resources that are important to fly fishing.
  • Enhance fellowship and camaraderie among fly fishers.

In fulfillment of its mission, the HFFA works to ensure that Iowa’s warm- and cold-water fisheries flourish
now and for generations to come, serves Iowa’s outdoor enthusiasts as the primary source for fly fishing
information and enjoyment, and enables anglers of all ages and skill levels in pursuing quality fly fishing
experiences in our region.


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