Education: HFFA sponsors a number of educational activities including:

– Introductory fly fishing and fly tying clinics at several state-wide locations.
– Fly tying and casting sessions during state and local festivals and celebrations.
– Fly tying classes at several local venues throughout the state during the year.
– Fly fishing merit badges for Boy Scouts.

Newsletter: The Flyline newsletter is published four times a year and is free with a paid membership.
Each issue is full of informative and entertaining articles on fly fishing by Iowa fly fishers and also keeps
members abreast of stream improvements and conservation activities, club news, and events.

Meetings: HFFA sponsors a number of meetings and activities throughout the year.

– The HFFA Annual Meeting is the only state-wide convention focused on fly fishing, featuring
guest speakers, fly tying demonstrations, special programs on all aspects of fly fishing and
stream conservation, a banquet, raffles, and a silent auction of fly fishing goods. Past speakers
include Skip Morris, Jack Dennis, Gary Borger, Dave and Emily Whitlock, Lefty Kreh and Dick Talleur.
– Local area groups hold meetings in several locations across the state. Active groups operate in
the Dubuque, Quad Cities, Central Iowa, and Iowa City areas. These meetings include fly tying,
casting days, presentations by local anglers, and fishing outings.
– Fishing outings include annual bluegill, smallmouth bass, and trout outings. These events
provide opportunities for new anglers to learn fly casting and fly tying from experienced
members, as well as a chance to catch up, swap fishing stories and make new friends.
– Members are encouraged to participate in stream improvement workdays.