In 1989, Governor Terry Branstad presented the club with the State of Iowa Governor’s Volunteer Award.
In 2002, HFFA received the first IOWATER Award recognizing the volunteer activities of our members.
The organization was awarded the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Outstanding Group Volunteer
Award for2008. HFFA members have been influential in getting special regulations passed on some of
Iowa’s best waters, sponsored letter writing campaigns to pass legislation of concern to Iowa fishermen,
and actively participated in the Iowa Resources Enhancement and Protection program (REAP).

Activities and Benefits for Members of the Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association:
Conservation: HFFA has undertaken numerous conservation projects involving the cold- and warm-water
resources of Iowa. These include:

– Land acquisition for public use in cooperation with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Iowa
Department of Natural Resources, and county conservation agencies.
– Habitat improvement projects which aid in the restoration and enhancement of Iowa’s lakes,
rivers, and streams. The HFFA has been active in working with the IDNR on several projects
throughout the state. Most notably:

• McLoud Run, Cedar Rapids. HFFA aided the IDNR and the City of Cedar Rapids in receiving
a $675,000 water quality/watershed protection grant from the Environmental Protection
Agency. HFFA members donated hours of labor in the construction of over 100 bank hides
used in a 2004-5 habitat improvement project. HFFA has organized stream clean-up days
to help beautify the watershed. Currently, McLoud Run is Iowa’s only urban trout stream.

• South Pine Creek, Winneshiek County. HFFA assisted the Iowa Natural Heritage
Foundation in acquiring land through which the stream flows. In August 2006, HFFA, along
several other groups, installed habitat improvements and planted native vegetation along
the stream. The stream has Iowa’s only native and naturally reproducing brook trout
population. Recently, it was listed by the National Fish Habitat Board’s “Ten Waters to
Watch.” list.

• Since 2006, HFFA members have advocated, assisted with volunteer workdays to establish
fish habitat, and provided funding for improvements at Lost Grove Lake near Eldridge, IA.

– Many HFFA members monitor streams throughout the state as part of the IDNR IOWATER
– The HFFA is a member of the Clean Water Network, the Iowa Environmental Council, and Iowa’s
Water and Land Legacy Coalition and partners with other conservation-minded organizations on
the state and national levels.
– Development of educational materials to inform others of the problems and issues affecting
Iowa’s warm- and cold-water fisheries, and the sport of fly fishing. HFFA was a leader in obtaining
the Clean Water Act “Outstanding Iowa Waters” designation for our best trout streams.