Invasive Species Workdays

Invasive Species Workdays. This summer, HFFA is teaming with the Driftless Chapter of TU and the NE Iowa RC&D on an exciting and sorely needed Japanese knotweed eradication project. This project requires volunteer fieldwork along Paint Creek and will (hopefully) produce tangible results. Japanese knotweed is an aggressive, non-native invasive plant that was introduced from Asia as an ornamental plant. It spreads vegetatively (i.e. it doesn’t need seeds to reproduce). Knotweed forms dense monocultures, with a thick layer of accumulated leaf and fibrous stem litter. It excludes native species by shading them out and also by releasing toxic or inhibiting chemicals into the soil, making competition from other plants difficult. Knotweed can contribute to erosion and to flooding, by crowding out plants that help maintain streambanks. HFFA is helping out by buying special herbicide application equipment and through volunteer labor in three stages: stem bending, stem injection, and foam spraying. Chemical application will be supervised by a certified commercial operator.

The NE Iowa RC&D has set 3 “bending” dates for us: June 28, July 26, and August 16, all  Saturdays from 8AM to noon (which leaves plenty of time afterward for fishing). If general consensus is that we need to start at a later time in the morning, that is definitely a possibility. It is anticipated that 10-15 people per day would be the best to manage efficiently.

Injection Days: Wednesday, August 20th and Saturday, August 23rd
Foam Spray Treatment Days: Wednesday, September 24th and Saturday, September 27th

For more information on the project, or on these volunteer days, please contact Brian Comiskey at, Richard Kettleson at

, or Larry Niday at

More Volunteer Opportunities

Another volunteer opportunity in Manchester, IA on June 9. Iowa DNR Manchester Hatchery staff will host a youth day June 9 at at Schram Park, 120 Schram Drive, Manchester, IA, covering all types of fishing, and HFFA has been invited to demonstrate fly tying and casting. They are expecting 50 kids for this event. We will do a tying demo for about 45 minutes at 10:00am and again at 1:00pm, and we will be helping with the actual fishing. We need six volunteers for this event. Please contact Larry Niday,, for more info or to let him know you plan to volunteer. Schram Park is on the north side of Hwy 20, west of the Maquoketa River. Click here for location:

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed in the Iowa City/North Liberty area June 7. In the past, HFFA has teamed with Take a Kid Outdoors (TAKO) to organize a youth and family fly fishing and fly tying workshop, usually held in Fayette County. This year, TAKO has expanded to the Corridor and is a key participant, along with the Iowa DNR, City of North Liberty, and Scheels in the Family Fishing Day on Free Fishing Weekend, held at the Liberty Centre Park in North Liberty, IA (map at: The event is from 9 to noon, starting with the Fish Iowa Youth Casting Games Regional Casting Qualifier, and the Family Fishing Event following. If the weather cooperates, we could have upwards of 400 visitors. HFFA plans to  demo/teach fly tying, casting, and help get the kids on a fish in the pond. This is a great volunteer opportunity to teach young and old about fly fishing. We need at least six volunteers for this event. Contact Ryan Maas at for more details.

2014 Annual HFFA Bluegill Outing

2014 Annual HFFA Bluegill Outing. May 16-18, Lake Keomah State Park, just east of Oskaloosa, south off Hwy 92. Check out our Facebook for more details here. There is a potluck lunch scheduled for the group at noon on Saturday. Freshly caught fish can be cooked on-site at the lunch.


Remember that April 26 (8am) is the first volunteer opportunity for the season. We will be helping the Iowa DNR Manchester Fish Hatchery biologists with an electrofishing survey on Spring Branch Creek. Volunteers should plan to be at the Manchester Hatchery main parking lot at 8am to get an early start.

Volunteers will help “push fish” in the wider sections of stream and they will also “ferry” fish between the sampling crew in the water and the crew processing fish along the shoreline. Volunteers will also assist with fish “work-up”, which includes: identifying fish species, weighing and measuring fish, recording information on data sheets, checking fish for PIT tags using a handheld scanner, and transferring and releasing fish back to the water.

Volunteers should bring waders if they have them. If volunteers want to be in the water near the electrofishing unit they will need chest waders and the waders should be “non-breathable”. Volunteers that are not in the water should be able to get by with hip waders. It’s also recommend that folks wear a decent pair of polarized sunglasses to help improve their ability to see into the water.

We expect to wrap up by noon. Lunch afterward.

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Fly Tying Competition at 2013 Iowa State Fair by Larry Murphy


The Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association will again be sponsoring the Fly Tying competition at this
year’s Iowa State Fair. The goal is to provide an opportunity for the public to view the art of fly
tying and to promote fly fishing in Iowa.

There will be three divisions for the competition. An adult division for anyone submitting flies
for judging, 16 years of age and older. The Junior division for anyone submitting flies 16 years
and younger. This year we are adding an Expert division for tiers who have sold flies.
There are four categories for each division. The categories are the following:

• Dry Fly
• Wet Fly/Soft Hackle/Nymph
• Streamers
• Open Class

A person entering the competition needs to be an Iowa resident. You can enter in each of the
categories, but only one fly for each category. If you have ever tied flies commercially or sold
the flies that you have tied, you must enter the Expert Division. If you won a blue ribbon for
one of the categories last year, you are not permitted to enter the same category this year.

The Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association will provide judges for the competition. Ribbons will be
given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

The flies entered will be on display in the DNR building on the Fair Grounds. The display case
that will be used to show case the entries.

Members of HFFA will be demonstrating fly tying during the Fair, in the DNR building.

Please visit the Iowa State Fair website for more details.

To submit fly entries, send your flies to:
Iowa State Fair
Administration Building
Fly Tying Competition
P.O. Box 57130
Des Moines, IA 50317

Each fly enter must have the Fly Tiers name, address, telephone number, name of the fly,
division to be entered and the category. Submission for the Fly Tying competition must be
received by July 31st.