Invasive Species Workdays

Invasive Species Workdays. This summer, HFFA is teaming with the Driftless Chapter of TU and the NE Iowa RC&D on an exciting and sorely needed Japanese knotweed eradication project. This project requires volunteer fieldwork along Paint Creek and will (hopefully) produce tangible results. Japanese knotweed is an aggressive, non-native invasive plant that was introduced from Asia as an ornamental plant. It spreads vegetatively (i.e. it doesn’t need seeds to reproduce). Knotweed forms dense monocultures, with a thick layer of accumulated leaf and fibrous stem litter. It excludes native species by shading them out and also by releasing toxic or inhibiting chemicals into the soil, making competition from other plants difficult. Knotweed can contribute to erosion and to flooding, by crowding out plants that help maintain streambanks. HFFA is helping out by buying special herbicide application equipment and through volunteer labor in three stages: stem bending, stem injection, and foam spraying. Chemical application will be supervised by a certified commercial operator.

The NE Iowa RC&D has set 3 “bending” dates for us: June 28, July 26, and August 16, allĀ  Saturdays from 8AM to noon (which leaves plenty of time afterward for fishing). If general consensus is that we need to start at a later time in the morning, that is definitely a possibility. It is anticipated that 10-15 people per day would be the best to manage efficiently.

Injection Days: Wednesday, August 20th and Saturday, August 23rd
Foam Spray Treatment Days: Wednesday, September 24th and Saturday, September 27th

For more information on the project, or on these volunteer days, please contact Brian Comiskey at, Richard Kettleson at

, or Larry Niday at
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