Remember that April 26 (8am) is the first volunteer opportunity for the season. We will be helping the Iowa DNR Manchester Fish Hatchery biologists with an electrofishing survey on Spring Branch Creek. Volunteers should plan to be at the Manchester Hatchery main parking lot at 8am to get an early start.

Volunteers will help “push fish” in the wider sections of stream and they will also “ferry” fish between the sampling crew in the water and the crew processing fish along the shoreline. Volunteers will also assist with fish “work-up”, which includes: identifying fish species, weighing and measuring fish, recording information on data sheets, checking fish for PIT tags using a handheld scanner, and transferring and releasing fish back to the water.

Volunteers should bring waders if they have them. If volunteers want to be in the water near the electrofishing unit they will need chest waders and the waders should be “non-breathable”. Volunteers that are not in the water should be able to get by with hip waders. It’s also recommend that folks wear a decent pair of polarized sunglasses to help improve their ability to see into the water.

We expect to wrap up by noon. Lunch afterward.

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